Matte PET adhesive label paper

Matte PET adhesive label paper


Product Category: Books & Toys Labels
Sales Code: QH0027
Product Construction:TLS50(J)/CL31/KS158W*D 

Technical Properties

Face material

Electroplated Silver PET 

Thickness of facestock

80±5 g

Type of adhesive 

Acrylic, Permanent

Release liner 

Kraft Special Paper

Colour of liner


Weight of liner

170±5 g/m2

Grinding steel adhesion

≥0.7 kgf/in


≥2 No./Ball

Shearing force 

≥24 H

Release force

10~21 g/in

Service temperature






*Electroplated Silver PET facestock with excellent metal reflection. 
*Suitable for screen printing and UV printing, can be used for various designs.

Main Applications

Suitable for application in the toys for mirror reflection.

Keywords:Book label, toy label, commercial stickers, toy stickers,PET adhesive label paper

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