Customized Label Solutions for Food & Beverage Industry

Customized Label Solutions for Food & Beverage Industry

We have flexible options for the production of your labels, from high quality short runs through to efficient long runs, for hand or machine application and for use on all types of packaging.
Portfolio Components
*synthetic paper,PET films,gloss paper
*acrylic adhesive complies with the EU 10/2011 and FDA 175.300 standards 

*constructions meet GB/T5009.78-2003 standard


*Great moisture, oil, and chemical resistance
*Can be over-laminated with transparent PP or PET films for added stiffness
*Facestock suitable for flexography, rotogravure, screen, offset and hot foil printing methods.


Main Applications

Display labels for jars, bottles, boxes and other containers that are squeezable, contoured or rigid surfaces, or directly onto foodstuffs.


Approvals and Certifications

Complies with EU 10/2011,FDA 175.300,FDA 177.1520 ,GB/T5009.78-2003 certifications standards.
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