PET battery labels

PET battery labels

Cheermo is a leading company in innovative adhesive label materials, has added new flame retardant PET label materials to its product lines. The new halogen free, thermal transfer printable materials,together with high temperature top coats, for excellent ink reception and flame retardant PSAs,  are used in a wide range of flame retardant electronics tracking applications to help prevent the propagation of fire. 

ZR907 Series are designed to meet FR requirements including UL-94-VTM-O. The polyester facestocks offer excellent electrical insulating performance for use in electronic applications where flame resistance is required. The specialized high adhesion adhesive is formulated to impart flame retardant characteristics to the label construction.


•  UL94 VTM0 recognized 
•  BS EN 14582:2007 tested to be halogen free 
•  Facestock surface with high temperature top coats, prevents bad ink reception, has excellent performance in thermal transfer printing
•  Adhesive is a tackified PSA, suitable for use on a wide range of substrates including corner and curved labeling.
•  Colors allow visual product identification


•  Batteries  
•  Power supplies
•  PCB ID and tracking 
•  Electronic insulator label applications
•  Auto under-the-hood and interiors  
•  Label applications requiring flame retardant performance 

LabelFace MaterialLinerTack (Ball#)Grinding Steel 
Release Force
Shearing Force
QH-ZR907-0263μ black PETwhite glassine3-71.0-1.94-10≥24
QH-ZR907-02Y(antistatic)56μ black PETwhite embossed glassine3-71.0-1.92-8≥48
QH-ZR907-02Y(antistatic)-164μ black PETwhite embossed glassine3-71.0-1.92-8≥48
QH-ZR907-02Y-167μ black PETwhite embossed glassine≥31.0-1.92-15≥48
QH-ZR907-0374μ black PETwhite glassine3-71.2-2.23-9≥24
QH-ZR907-03Y79μ black PETwhite embossed glassine3-7>1.78-18≥24
QH-ZR907-03Y(high adhesion)80μ black PETwhite embossed glassine3-7>1.78-18≥24
QH-ZR907-03Y(soft)75μ black PETwhite embossed glassine3-7>1.46-16≥24
QH-ZR907-0455μ white PETwhite glassine3-71.4-2.53-9≥24
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