Matte white BOPP Cosmetic label

Matte white BOPP Cosmetic label


Product Category: Personal Care Label
Sales Code: QH3311
Product Construction:PG55/CG6/WG65 

Technical Properties

Face material

Matte white BOPP 

Thickness of facestock

54±5 μ

Type of adhesive 

Acrylic, Permanent

Release liner 

Glassine paper

Colour of liner


Weight of liner

78±5 g/m2

Grinding steel adhesion

0.9~1.5 kgf/in 


4~10 No./Ball

Shearing force 


Release force

1~8 g/in

Service temperature






*Facestock material with great moisture resistance. 
*Flexible labelstock with excellent follow-up ability to squeezable, contoured or rigid surfaces.
*Environment-friendly adhesive with high adhesion and great performance in loop tack. 
*Allows auto-application by labeling machines, UV printing, and other operations providing a wide range of label uses.


Main Applications

Display labels for shampoo,cosmetic and other squeezable bottles.

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