Matte black polyimide battery label

Matte black polyimide battery label


Product Category: High Temperature Resistant PI Label Material
Sales Code: QH-ZR908-3
Product Construction:PI12BM(TC1)/CL62/TLT75 

Technical Properties

Face material

Matte black polyimide

Thickness of facestock

18±3 μ

Type of adhesive 

Acrylic, Permanent

Release liner 


Colour of liner


Thickness of liner

75±5 μ

Grinding steel adhesion

1.0~1.8 kgf/in


1.2±0.3 kgf/in

Shearing force 


Release force

5~15 g/in

Service temperature






*Tested to uphold UL94 VTM-0 flame retardant standards. 
*Facestock made of high temperature resistant polyimide material, which can withstand 285℃ without discoloration,embrittlement or deformation. 
*Pressure Sensitive Adhesive(PSA) with high adhesion, no warping or rebound. 
*Excellent insulation and voltage withstanding performance, good puncture resistance. 

Main Applications

*Lithium battery edge wrapping, PCBA labeling, FPC soft cable reinforcement. 
*Polymer battery edge wrapping, positive and negative of the battery edge shielding. 

Keywords:PI material, connecting finger adhesive, battery edge wrapping label,polyimide battery label

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