Label Solutions for Electronics & Electricals

Label Solutions for Electronics & Electricals

Cheermo, a leader in innovative adhesive label materials, offers an extensive portfolio of materials designed specifically for Electronics and Electrical applications. Concerning about counterfeiting and consumers’ preference for sustainability, our labels are adding new complexities to already demanding identification, tracking and branding product labeling. 

Many of these constructions meet UL® and CSA standards while being able to withstand challenging indoor and outdoor environments. This standard is applicable to labelstocks used for name-plates and indications that possess important information such as instructions, explanations and identifications. 


• Compliant UL® and CSA standards for safety reliability 
• Constructions suited for laser and thermal transfer printing
• Face materials offer branding and point-of-purchase performance, while providing abrasion, tear, and moisture and environmental resistance
• Permanent or removable adhesives in different adhesion types for various labeling requirements 
• Voidable films and tamper-evident vinyls designed for counterfeiting and security functionality 


• Nameplate labels applied to consumer electronics and electronic devices that indicate product models or warnings, etc.
• Display labels for digital products like power devices, batteries and connector kits
• Security labels preventing product tampering or fraud brands

Sales CodeLabel ConstructionTack (Ball#)Grinding Steel
Adhesion (kgf/in)
Release Force
Shearing Force
Service Temperature
QH1212TLT25U1(F)/CL77/TLT25 0.8±0.2(kgf/in)0.8-1.42-8≥24-20-100
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