Transparent PP Garment label

Transparent PP Garment label


Product Category: Garment label
Sales Code: QH2462
Product Construction:TOPP50(TC)/CL50/WG65 

Technical Properties

Face material

Transparent PP 

Thickness of facestock

50±5 μ

Type of adhesive 

Acrylic, Permanent

Release liner 

Glassine paper

Colour of liner


Weight of liner

65±5 g/m2

Grinding steel adhesion

0.3~0.9 kgf/in


2~6 No./Ball

Shearing force 

Release force

0.5~6 g/in

Service temperature






*Adhesive specially designed for fabric, labeling without residue or adhesive failure, and it's yellowing resistant. 
*Suitable for flexography, rotogravure and other printing methods. 
*Excellent labeling effect on various kinds of fabrics, no damages or any change to the appearance and color of the products when removing the label from the surface of the textiles.
*Product complies with the requirements of the EU environmental protection, it will not cause damage to the skin.


Main Applications

Suitable for size,sign and logo labeling in garment products, such as cotton, polyester, nylon, spandex, viscose and hemp.

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